The history of hand made rug in Persia goes back thousands of years. The master crafters of this industry have always proven to the world their unique creative designs. Persian rug is a symbol of talent and creativity all around the world.
With the advancement of technology, machine made rugs were created with modern equipments. The rich background of hand made Persian rug industry is the main reason behind the amazing designs and quality of today's persian machine made rugs. 
The speedy production , the vast variety of designs and affordability are a few of positive points about these rugs. Producing all kinds of rugs in different sizes and designs to cater to any and all of customer tastes is another aspect of these products.
Here, We are proud to introduce to you the best hand made and machine made Persian rugs from the top manufacturers and crafters of these unique and popular products. There is no match for quality and designs that we introduce here. 
All of our rugs are made based on international trade standards by the latest technology for all different tastes. In addition, you can place a specific order, choose your colors and designs, set a budget and we will have it produced and shipped to you.

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